Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

Because I like alliteration and Friday Favorites has already gotten enough attention, I've decided Wednesdays are the perfect day to showcase some of the things that have caught my eye around the internet. Enjoy!

1) The oh-so-lovely Matilda dress by Dear Creatures

2) This watering can shower head, reblogged from The Cozy Old Farmhouse

3) These perfect summer sandals by Salt Water Sandals, available at ModCloth in a bunch of colors (the pastel pink is also lovely). They are leather, but totally made to go in and out of water, so you can go anywhere and still feel stylish! I also love the nostalgic design. 

4) The Secret Hemlock Treehouse by Joel Allen, reblogged from Archipile, for writing, escaping, and daydreaming.

5) And finally, to keep up with the rather outdoorsy theme, these beautiful polished wood studs by Etsy store NorthernGrain. I gave my cousin a pair for christmas, so I can safely say they are just as beautiful in person. 

What's on your wish-list this Wednesday?