Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saddled up

So, I went to see a Paula Poundstone show this weekend. As in the Paula Poundstone of NPR and SNL fame. Basically, if you ever listen to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on the radio, you should be very, very excited for me.

I didn't think i could pull off Paula's signature baggy colorful suit and tie look, but I had a pair of shoes I'd been dying to try--a $3.00 goodwill find courtesy of my lovely friend Ali (of the aforementioned cat graffiti). They are:
My very first pair of saddle shoes! They look brand new, which probably means they were from somebody's halloween and/or community theater costume, but I've wanted saddle shoes forever, costume-y or not. Anyway, I paired them with a menswear inspired look that I thought was fitting for the show. 

shoes: goodwill, pants: forever 21, shirt: dear creatures (but purchased on poshmark from andmeganwore)

Simple and just vintage-inspired enough to make me happy. But not as happy as the Paula Poundstone show made me! I practically skipped out of there--my face hurt from laughing. As someone who did comedy shows throughout college, and religiously reads the autobiographies of female comedians, this was a very exciting occasion for me. I got her book, "There's Nothing in this Book that I Meant to Say," on CD, and am looking forward to more things to laugh about. I won't go into joke details, partly because it seems vaguely like plagiarism but mostly because I want you all to go look her up and listen to her for yourself. 

Just because I haven't said much about myself: I'm a recently certified English teacher, which means I'm looking for summer/fall teaching positions, so aside from the fun and games I'm writing about, most of my time is spent applying for jobs and interviewing for jobs. It seemed like a bad idea on many levels to write about jobs I don't have, plus it would probably be really boring for all of you to read about, so as far is this blog is concerned, I spend my life eating frozen yogurt and laughing my head off at comedy shows. However, hopefully I will eventually be gainfully employed, and you can look forward to poignant statements like "I have to grade so many essays urrrrrrghhhh" and "Today one of my middle schools asked if the hurricane was named Sandy because it left so much sand everywhere.*" It'll be an exciting day. 

Anyone have any comedian's autobiographies to recommend?

*This one actually happened while I was student teaching.

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