Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eye on Etsy

As you can probably tell from the sidebar, I have an Etsy store. While my store is an occasionally updated hodgepodge of things, selling on Etsy has introduced me to some really amazing artists and sellers. I don't know any of these people personally, and they didn't ask me to write this or sponsor or anything...just some clever crafters who make beautiful things!

1) Northern Grain
I've mentioned Northern Grain in a previous post, and I had to write about them again here because I think their work is just gorgeous. They make beautiful stud earrings out of all sorts of different wood, as well as cuff links, kitchen supplies, other jewelry, and home decor. I've given a rolling pin and a pair of earrings they made as gifts, and both were beautifully done.

I made my first and only personal Etsy purchase from this shop because I just couldn't resist Ida's adorable hair bows! (She also makes other accessories, like clips, headbands, and earrings). The gorgeous fabric and colors go perfectly with retro or vintage inspired outfits. 

I think this shop is so much fun--they make night lights, phone covers, and other tech/home items with images from favorite children's book, as well as modern films, shows, and books. I ordered my brother a Moonrise Kingdom night light for his apartment last Christmas, and it was just lovely (even for those of us too old to actually require a night light).

Hope you enjoy these finds! I really believe in supporting handmade, so I'd like to make this a regular thing to feature some of the wonderful things hiding on Etsy (and user-designed handmade sites)! Since I'm away, I've been repeating outfits from a small backpack, but posts will resume as usual shortly...along with some favorite shots from my big adventure at the Bronx Zoo.