Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home again

It was a red sort of day...

 Dress: The Coach Tour Dress from Modcloth, Shoes: Capelli, Tights: leggs, Earrings: brought back from Iceland by my grandparents

It's been a whirlwind but lovely week. Subbing was wonderful--so nice to be back in a school again. This morning I met up with my friend Ali to go to this absolutely massive tag sale. It's held in a huge gymnasium and all proceeds go to the local Child and Family agency. It was overwhelmingly huge. This doesn't even how huge, really, but this is the best I got:

They had an unbelievable variety of stuff. We even found a travel lite-brite, which I almost bought out of nostalgia before realized I'd never actually use it. In case you didn't grow up during the heyday of lite-brites, here you go. Definitely one of the best parts of "choice" time in first grade. The clothing section was extensive, even after being picked over for 2 days, and had a surprising amount of vintage. My finds included a vintage Christian Dior swing jacket ($2.00!), Etienne Aigner ankle boots ($1.50!), crazy vintage "Helene Arpels" loafers ($5.00, apparently she was some kind of style icon who wore diamonds on her shoes because she said they go with everything), and some accessories.                             




 I'm particularly excited about the boots, and the jacket...I think I'll be even more excited one I figure out how to get the shoulder pads out.

We realized at the last moment that there was a book section in another room, so of course we had to thoroughly peruse it as they were packing up around us. They'd reduced it to $5 to fill a box, so we were grabbing anything that looked interested. A few of the gems I DIDN'T add:

Not sure what I was thinking--clearly essentials for every library. And on top of that, I left the "More From Your Microwave, Volume II" cookbook behind. I did, however, get some lovely finds, including a collection of various author's early writings, called "First Words," a few novels and poetry collections I'd been looking to read, and some more useful cookbooks. Just because they have the best covers, here are pictures of one book I got as a gift for my brother and one for me (obviously mine is the one on the right). 

Followed up with a stop at Rita's Ice for old time's sake. All in all, the perfect frivolous Saturday adventure.