Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I wanted this dress for ages when it was on ModCloth, and was lucky enough to trade it with someone in a clothing swap group (I highly recommend finding and joining one). I thought I'd try it out today.  I love this particular shade of cobalt. It's so vibrant and lively and somehow seems to work for every occasion!

 (Apparently I had swimming aspirations)

Dress and necklace: Modcloth (no longer available, but they have similar ones, like the First Resort Dress), Belt: Gap, Tights: Target, Shoes: Born

I can't seem to stay inside right now, so I've been giving myself little breaks between cover letters, etc. Things are growing!

Did anyone else play that game as a child where you would ask someone "Do you like butter?" and then hold a buttercup beneath their chin so it glowed yellow? I was a big fan of that. I remember one friend getting really irritated and defensive in kindergarten because she insisted that she did NOT like butter, but I knew buttercups never lied. Rubbing dandelions on rocks to turn them "gold" was a good pastime as well. Goodness, f I keep getting this nostalgic I'll have a lemonade stand up by noon tomorrow.

Favorite childhood spring thing?