Sunday, April 21, 2013

lazy sunday

The violets and daffodils are out...

I have a spring cold, which I've always thought seems oxymoronic and shouldn't be allowed, so I didn't do much today. However, I was very excited about my new comfy tag sale boots, so:

I had some balance issues partway through...

boots: etienne aigner (thrifted), jeans: forever 21, oxford: bdg (urban outfitters), sweater: h&m

Nail polish is very out of the ordinary for me, and nail polish with any design even more-so, but I've been seeing so many pictures of pretty designs that I wanted to try some polka dots. Here's the terribly fancy how-to: paint nails, let dry, find broken mechanical pencil, dip in second polish, dot. As you can see I'm a real professional. 

I went to my grandmother's house today to make some dinner for her and her family, so a recipe tutorial awaits tomorrow! (I swear I'll do a diy one of these Mondays). I made vegetarian caponata, which, if you've never had it, is delicious. Served with toasted pita spread with a mixture of butter, roasted garlic, and of all, it's good warm or cold, which is really nice for lazy people like me who like leftovers but don't have a microwave. 

Sneak peek: