Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring in New York

This hasn't been a very exciting week for outfits, and it isn't about to get any better, because all I've managed to get a picture of during the substitute teaching this week is a t-shirt and jeans outfit from the one day I didn't sub. However, I'm putting the pictures up anyway just for fun, because t-shirt and jeans is such a rare look for me lately. And then I'm putting a bunch of pictures of zoo animals to make up for it!

sweater: h&m, t-shirt: BDG (Urban Outfitters, no longer available), jeans: marshalls?, shoes: bass outlet, bag: scaramanga, necklace: modcloth

I do like this for a comfy outfit. Mostly because the t-shirt has rabbits riding bicycles on it, and was on sale for $5, which makes it double wonderful, even if it is two sizes too big. I will have to take a detail picture of the bunnies at some point. 

It's been a lovely week in the city--great to be back in the classroom during my job hunt, even briefly, the weather is gorgeous, and I love being forced to walk everywhere because I always end up enjoying it. The sights are always changing. And, finally, I went to the Bronx Zoo for the first time in over a decade and it was just really a fun day. Saw elegant giraffes and a little baby redheaded monkey and all sorts of other things. The most interesting was the gorillas--they are so, so smart, to the point where it seems wrong that they are behind glass. Luckily, they get just as much of a kick out of watching us as we do watching them. They love trying to get a reaction! They would pose for the camera, or run and smack the glass to startle people into making noise. When I was little, I was very obsessed with reading about Koko the gorilla for a brief period. I am thinking now that I'll have to look up the documentary about her. 

these guys sleep all day

gator and gator reflection

baby redhead monkey--all the monkey mamas were passing it around and fussing over it

gorilla eating kale and looking pensive

gorilla posing

butterfly garden


Oh, and exciting news---this is in the very early stages, but sometime in the next few weeks I should hopefully have a FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY for you all to enter, with unique pieces from some very lovely etsy sellers (and from me, too). Can't wait!