Got a business, shop, blog, etc? Want to get involved with little motley? There are currently three ways to do it!

1) You can contribute to a giveaway when I am having one in exchange for advertising in my sidebar (plus the advertising the giveaway supplies!). Sometimes I will post a need for giveaway contributions, so make sure to follow and keep an eye out. You can also contact me to ask when I am planning the next one.

2) You can sponsor through product reviews, too. Basically, you send me an item, and I do a post reviewing it, featuring it, and writing about your business/shop/blog--plus free advertising in the sidebar!

3) If you just want the advertising, I'm currently offering 30 days in the sidebar for 10$, payable through PayPal.

Sound good? Email me at littlemotleyblog@gmail.com 

Please note that I am selective about what I post on the blog--before you contact me, read some posts and see if you think we are a good match! If you aren't sure, though, it never hurts to try :)