Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shocking Pink

Shocking pink was the name of a Crayola crayon color that really fascinated me as a small child. It didn't quite match up to my favorite shade, Tickle Me Pink, but I remember feeling really intrigued by the idea that a color could be "shocking." Anyway, it's a rare color for me to go for anywhere outside of a crayon box, but this dress is definitely shocking pink.

dress: modcloth (from a swap, no longer available but was called the everyday dress-up dress), shoes: lulu's, still available in other colors, sunglasses: flea market, necklace: etsy (a gift, so don't know the store), nail polish: essie, shade go ginza

I am very enamored with these shoes right now. I got them with the gift certificate I won in one of Lulu's weekly name-the-dress contests. I wore them to substitute and one of the fourth graders said "FOUR straps? You're wearing shoes with FOUR straps? I can't believe it, Emma. Four straps." 

So apparently they are really controversial. But the nail polish completely matches, which is fun. 

In completely unrelated news, I saw these napkins today and thought they were really funny. If I had any use for cocktail napkins, these would be the ones. They also had ones with a fan on them labeled, shockingly enough, "fan."

Riveting stuff, I know. It was a quiet day.