Friday, May 3, 2013

A Lacy Day

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 Finally, a long overdue outfit post. Since I've been substitute teaching in the city all week, I've been leaving before anyone is awake to take outfit pictures, and getting home when everyone is tired, so I haven't gotten any, but here is something from the one day I didn't work.

boots: Etienne Aigner (thrifted), jeans: bullshead, marshalls, jacket: lucky brand, top: goodwill, earrings: thrifted, necklace: lulus, satchel: scaramanga, sunglasses: fleamarket

I found this shirt at goodwill the other day and it's my new favorite. I have no idea of its origins, as there are no tags or marking of any sort on it. But I love the lace panel and the pleated waist and the buttons down the back and the scalloped sleeves...most of which I guess don't show in this picture. I'm very happy about the sunglasses too. I bought them out of necessity without a real mirror, but I think the round frames are fun. 

It's been a tiring but good week. I'll leave you with this exchange between me and a student, who we will call Ethan:

Me: Ethan, I like the way you are standing quietly in line for art class. 
Ethan: But, Emma!! I changed my name to Pillowpants!!

Ah, first grade. 

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  1. Oh wow, this top is stunning, it has such a vintage look to it, especially with the collar. I really like the all white look with the loose denim jacket through over, it's very laid-back cool!

    Pillowpants? That's a bit random... But yes, little kids and the things they say! I teach riding lessons to mostly young children and it's just insanely fun, they're so interesting and the conversations you have! (Heh, I just had a very long talk with my little girl where she was telling me I had better not get lost on my run around the block or I would get a time out. Kids have the best lines of thought.)

    1. thanks katie! I really love it...I wish I could figure out when it was from. The style looks super old fashioned, but I feel like 70s is actually a likely bet?

      And are so funny. It's like they are learning to practice logic :)

  2. I like that the shirt is simple in some ways- over all shape and color- but has details when you look closer that make it so special- such as the lace!

    1. Me too! So happy I found it. I want to take close ups sometime because the sleeves are really neat, too.