Friday, May 10, 2013


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I'm a bit in love with all the mints and lilacs floating around this spring. It is probably to make up for the fact that I refused to wear dresses or skirts period from age 7 to age 14. Anyway, while I've been in Connecticut I've been picking up a few hours at an old job of mine, ushering at a theater, and since I have to be pretty dressed up for it I decided to have fun.

 dress: modcloth, no longer available, shoes: lulu's, mojo moxy, tights: italian brand that I can't find again ANYWHERE which is very sad because these are getting so many holes, necklace: lulu's, earrings: courtesy of the lovely mia over at whimsical miscellany! my new favorites. 

I absolutely love these flower earrings! I'd been trying to find the perfect pair for ages and everything looked either a little too big or too small on me, and these are just right. I sound like Goldilocks. But in all seriousness, they are lovely, and come in a bunch more colors. Here is a detail:

Anyway, it has been a quiet week. Lots of running the dogs around, seeing family, job apps, and cooking. I think I am going on a steam train ride and to check out a new pastry shop with friends in the morning,  so that should be fun...I don't think I've been on the steam train since I was about 8!