Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Sorry, sorry, sorry for the major impromptu hiatus. Hopefully I haven't lost what few of you were reading this. I've been traveling back and forth for interviews and subbing and it's just been very hectic. Anyway, I have a backlog of recipes and outfit photos and things now, but here is one from last week for starters.

dress: h&m, belt: ???, shoes: merona (from a swap), tights: no idea, cardigan: h&m, sunglasses: flea market, earrings: whimsically miscellany, coat: I will check the brand next time I see it.

Blue with polka of my very favorite things. Does anyone else feel very happy when they wear pops of primary colors?

In other news, I'm hopping on the train for the town wide tag sale this weekend, so anyone near the ct area...selling a bunch of my clothes!