Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm not very good at posting...

But! I wanted to share because I swung by a cool event this week, in the midst of starting a new year of teaching (they put me in the art room?!?!?) and grad school and a million other things.

I went to this Modcloth #fashiontruth event because I've always loved their style, and somehow failed to realize it was an open casting call for models until I arrived. Decided to go ahead and do it since I was there anyway, so I got some fun pictures out of it! Wore my VERY FIRST SEWING PROJECT and had fun swinging the skirt around. More on this sewing endeavor later.

Point is, Modcloth is looking for models of all shapes and sizes and style and I think that's pretty fantastic. I believe all body types are beautiful, and we have to stop with the fat and skinny shaming. Some real women have curves, and some real women don't have curves, and the world is more interesting for it. I like the idea that plus size women, petite women, curvy women, skinny women, tall women, short women, and whatever shapes I've missed, can ALL make beautiful models. They don't seem to be going toward supporting just one side of the spectrum or the other, and they also aren't getting rid of people who fall more in the middle, and I think that's great.

Just for fun, here are a few of my goofy pictures. And my #fashiontruth? I have two. The first: wear what makes you happy. The second: it doesn't matter if anyone else likes your clothes*.

*This one is maybe related to the fact that I now own 7 pairs of overalls and am not ashamed to admit it.

oh hey, I have feet

look! fabric!

nervous laughter

mug shot