Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Can I Pick One Train Pun?

This week, because it was free for local residents, some friends and I...

Rode the steam train! I hadn't done it since I was about eight, and it was actually really nice (not to mention very nostalgic!) We found a car that wasn't too full of toddlers and just sat and chatted and enjoyed looking out the window at the wetlands. I was especially a fan of the faux-vintage ads. 

I figured that for a steam train, I'd better opt for vintage inspired. If only I had known that minutes after I left the house, the afternoon rain would come early and the temperature would drop ten degrees...

Dress: Modcloth, On The Job Dress, Shoes: Merona (from a swap), Umbrella: family vintage

We also made a stop to investigate a new pastry place, and visit a parrot named Linus. You know, the Saturday essentials. 

Chocolate croissants, talking birds, and old-fashioned trains...all in all a very good Saturday. Anyone have an interesting (or just odd) local attraction in their area?